Focus Bracelet

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This past year & a half has been hard on so many of us, especially kids that were doing distance learning. The ease of schoolwork in jammies for some, the distractions of being at home, & inability to concentrate without the structure of a classroom might make the return to in-person learning seem daunting. I know it is for me & my little guy. So I created a special bracelet with some of the most powerful stones for focus & concentration to help ease some of the anxiety & stress surrounding school. With Fluorite, Sodalite, & Dumortierite, this piece is a MUST-HAVE if you’re sending your kiddos back to school.

•Neutralizes negative energy & stress
•Powerful stone for the mind
•Stimulates the brain
•Enhances learning and memorization
•Brings order to the mind
•Encourages rational thought
•Brings emotional balance
•Enhances self-esteem & self-trust
•Calms overexcited behavior
•Gives patience
•Eases stress
•Brings relaxation & harmony when faced with feelings of stubbornness