Rose Quartz & Ruby Bracelet

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Rose Quartz & Ruby are both heart healing stones, so I decided to combine the two to give an extra dose of emotional healing of old hurts, & open your heart up to all kinds of love. Ruby itself is one of the four most precious stones, & here in a faceted deep red color, you will feel the loving energy coming from this beautiful piece.

Rose Quartz:
•Enriches the heart
•Alleviates stress
•Calms & soothes, promotes peacefulness
•Helpful in raising confidence
•Prevents self-hatred
•Encourages self-acceptance
•Heals loneliness
•Provides comfort during times of grief
•Opens the heart to self-love & friendship
•Aids circulatory system
•Releases impurities from the body

•Helps detoxify the body
•Aids kidney & lymphatic function
•Eases menstrual pain
•Protects heart from further hurts
•Gives confidence
•Keeps you grounded
•Allows you to live authentically