About Me

I began creating crystal jewelry as a natural way to heal my body with the healing properties & energy they emit. My physical body has been through so much! It has been permanently affected by breast cancer, cancer treatments, & multiple surgeries. I began using crystals around my home, but wanted them close to my body as well. To maximize the benefits of healing crystals, you‘ll want the stones to touch your body and connect with you. My jewelry allows you to have constant contact with healing crystals.

My jewelry also allows you to add colorful flair to your personal style. With so many gorgeous colors & amplified by beautiful precious metals, these pieces can be worn by anyone that not only wants to benefit from the healing of crystals, but also wants to enhance their look with gorgeous jewelry. You’ll find that I use a variety of crystals for the healing energies they provide & the beauty they have.

Additionally, if there’s a crystal you don’t see in my shop, you can email me, send me a DM on social media, or chat with me about a stone you’d like.