The Ruby Set

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You can now purchase the Rose Quartz & Ruby Bracelet AND the Ruby & Herkimer Diamond Necklace togetheršŸ’•šŸŒŸšŸ’•Wear them both to maximize those loving, calming vibes.

Rose Quartz:
ā€¢Enriches the heart
ā€¢Alleviates stress
ā€¢Calms & soothes, promotes peacefulness
ā€¢Helpful in raising confidence
ā€¢Prevents self-hatred
ā€¢Encourages self-acceptance
ā€¢Eases loneliness
ā€¢Provides comfort during times of grief

ā€¢Helps detoxify the body
ā€¢Aids kidney & lymphatic function
ā€¢Eases menstrual pain
ā€¢Protects heart from further hurts
ā€¢Gives confidence
ā€¢Keeps you grounded
ā€¢Allows you to live authentically

Herkimer Diamond:
ā€¢Is the stone of attunement
ā€¢Amplifies properties of other
ā€¢Eliminates toxins from your body
ā€¢Helps you get rid of toxic thoughts & negative energy
ā€¢Gives you clarity

On an 18ā€ Figaro Chain, 18k gold-filled. With genuine Rubies & Herkimer Diamonds.