Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

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Named for the colors of pink, green, & white found in this rare crystal, Watermelon Tourmaline will clear chakra blockages & bring balance to your emotions.

•Cleanses & clears blockages to the heart chakra
•Prevents negative thoughts or energies from affecting you
•Eases feelings of depression
•Removes insecurites
•Helps boost your strengths
•Relieves stress
•Helps let go of patterns of behavior that aren’t healthy or harmful for you
•Boosts immune system
•Helpful for those that are hyperactive
•Boosts metabolism
•Eases pain
•Beneficial for those with Multiple Sclerosis or arthritis, as it helps with regeneration of nerves & muscles

Fits wrists 5.5” - 7” 

*This is a rare piece that is available in extremely limited quantities. Once this particular style of bead (barrel) is gone, it’s gone! Other bead styles are available, email or message me to chat about other bead styles*