While I always cleanse your crystal jewelry before sending it to you so none of my energy is attached to it, you should regularly cleanse & charge your crystal jewelry once it gets to you. These stones absorb & redirect energy & negativity you want to release, so it's important to cleanse them to restore them to their natural state. There are a few ways to do this, & I'll list some of the most common ways below.
  • running water - water can neutralize any negative energy stored in your stones, & while fresh water is best, most of us don't live next to babbling brooks or streams, so cool tap works well too. just make sure that you are not cleansing porous crystals in water - anything ending in 'ite' is usually not good to immerse in water. run under the tap for about a minute per bracelet or stone.
  • brown rice - this is a great method for drawing out negativity stored in protective stones. simply fill a bowl with brown rice & bury your bracelets beneath the grains overnight. take out your jewelry & throw out the rice the next day.
  • moonlight - set your crystal pieces out before nightfall & plan on bringing them in before 11:00a. this allows your pieces to be bathed in both moon & sunlight!
  • sage smoke - sage is said to clear your crystals of inharmonious vibrations & restore them to their natural state. you will need to (safely) light a sage stick & while holding it in one hand firmly, pass your pieces through the smoke with your other hand.
  • sage spray - you can use this method & it has the same effect as sage smoke, but in a portable & convenient spray. this is especially good for those that are sensitive to the smells of sage smoke. i sell a sage spray in my shop, you can find it here
  • selenite - selenite is great for removing negative energies & vibrations. simply lay your crystal pieces on a selenite slab overnight to cleanse.