Multi-Color Opal Bracelet

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Opal is the only “crystal” that isn’t really a crystal at all; but is actually made up of mostly water & minerals. 🌊 When water runs into the cracks of the Earth, it collects silica spheres - formed from two compounds in the Earth’s crust, silicon & oxygen. Rain water that falls to Earth literally causes this collection of silica minerals & oxygen, forming a variety of Opals. Opals are made from the tears of the Earth !🌎 Opal is softer than Quartz. Each Opal color holds their own healing properties, & this multi-colored beauty will benefit various chakras.

•Yellow Opals: Solar Plexus Chakra - grounds you, beneficial for those suffering from stomach & liver issues
•Blue Opals: Throat Chakra - aids open communication, allows you to speak your truth freely. Also helps throat & thyroid issues
•White/Milky Opals: Crown Chakra - Spiritual wealth, higher vibrations, & eases headaches & migraines

Opal is -
•good-luck stone, attracts good karma
•boosts immune system
•helps you let go of old wounds & hurts so you can heal your heart
•removes energy blockages
•balances mood & emotions
•helps you feel cool & calm in situations you’d normally find yourself “losing your cool”
•protection from negative energy