Sugilite Bracelet

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With colors ranging from grapey purple to bright magenta, Sugilite is a crystal that encourages love, not in the romantic sense, but spiritual love. It’s a nurturing stone, & Sugilite can help you recognize areas you need to grow or change, protect your heart, and live with wisdom & purpose.

•Stone for sensitive people that tend to absorb the energy of others, so others energy doesn’t “stick” to you
•Provides protection against outside energy
•Cleanses crown chakra
•Eases emotional turmoil
•Helps with chronic pain
•Useful for those that suffer from insomnia
•Promotes forgiveness
•Reminds you that you are loved & lovable

•Protects you from emotional harm
•Helps you release worry & doubt
•Allows you to live courageously & authentically

Here I have mixed purples & magenta stones for a very unique bracelet, so no two will be exactly alike.💟