Pink Tourmaline & Moonstone Bracelet

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I’ve combined the stone of emotional healing & stone of starting over to give you a daily dose of calm & compassion. This Pink Tourmaline & Moonstone Bracelet has Rainbow Moonstone on one side, & Pink Tourmaline on the other.

•Stone of love & compassion, allows you to feel love for yourself
•Brings emotional healing
•Perfect stone to wear if you suffer from anxiety
•Eases feelings of depression
•Helps you overcome emotional trauma: loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or tragedy
•Amplifies the energy of other stones you’re wearing
•Useful during times of change
•Gives energy for new beginnings
•Eases fear & insecurity
•Enhances intuition
•Brings good fortune
•Calms anxiety & stress


*Rainbow Moonstone & Pink Tourmaline stones may vary.